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Zap Stun Cane with Flashlight 1 Million Volts

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Quick Overview

This ZAP Stun Walking Cane is a great self-defense device for the elderly or for anyone who needs support while walking.

This walking cane measures 32 inches and can be easily extended to 36 inches to accommodate users of different height. When threatened, you can either use the built-in super bright LED flashlight to blind your attacker, or deliver a shocking 1 million volts of electric power that will cause your attacker's muscles to lose control, effectively immobilizing him for 5-10 minutes. Having a length of 32 to 36 inches also means that you can defend against your assailant from a safe distance away. This stun walking cane also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. 


  • 1 million volts of stopping power or 4.6 milliamps

  • 7 1/2" of shocking electrodes wrap the entire bottom

  • Intimidating electrical arc and crackle

  • Adjustable cane length of 32-36"

  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs

  • Safety indicator light with on/off switch

  • Built-in ultra-bright LED flashlight

  • Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery

  • Includes high quality nylon carrying case

  • Includes AC adapter for easy battery recharge

  • Includes extra rubber tip for the end of the cane

NOTE: PLEASE CHARGE STUN GUN FOR 8 HOURS when you receive it. It will not operate properly until fully charged.

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Do you have a video explaining how to use and ajust the Zap cane?

Yes please pay close attention and replay if you are not sure so as not to damage the unit.

What is the power of this stun gun?

This Zap stun cane puts out 1 million Volts from the metal probes and the 4.6 milliamps will help knock your attacker to the ground fast. To get that kick be sure your cane stun gun has been charged up. Buy your stun cane with flashlight 1 million volts your protection while walking from this website.

What size is this cane stun gun?

The dementions of your walking cane stun gun are  ajustable between 32" & 36" and can be set for your hight. Watch the video above to get an idea of the potential hight changes you can make. Consider adding this Zap Stun Cane with Flashlight 1 Million Volts to your outdoor tools.

How bright is the Zap Stun Cane light?

The Zap stun cane is bright enough to get you home at night. That may be enough to chase him off but if not you have the power of the stun gun and the light. 

Will people notice you are carrying a weapon?

Most people will not notice that you have anything other than a normal walking cane when you carry this stun gun flashlight walking cane combo. It is black  like you would expect a very nice walking cane might be. An attacker is going to be looking for a person who is not allert. But if you are just carrying your cane stun gun flashlight and using it like any walking cane you will through the perp of balance, he will not suspect the true nature of the cane till too late.

How Does the Stun Gun Operate?

Zap stun canes as well as all stun guns are designed to temorarily knocks down an attacker with an electroshock. An electric shock will temporarily disrupt muscle functions and the disrupted function is how the perp ends up off balance or on the ground. Pain is part of a defensive stun gun, so do not panic when an attacker yells out. You and I have to get used to what you will see and here when using a stun gun. But it is designed to not cause lasting injury. The major point here is time, it is giving you time to run or time to get to a group for the protection of more people. You need to get away for your own safety and call for help from police if possible. Buy your Zap hike n strike stun walking cane for your outdoor protection.

Are there many types of stun guns?

Yes Safety Technology's Stun Guns plus those of Zap come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.  Many are offered on this website. There are also several other electroshocks weapons sold here. These defensive tools administer an electric shock by direct contact. It is very important to understand completely, you must contact the attacker with both probes. Also Taser weapons are available on this site, which fire projectiles that administer shock through thin flexible wires. Shotguns can be used to deliver Long-range electroshock projectiles that do not need the wires.

Who invented the stun gun?

Ciril Diaz of Cuba designed an electroshock glove way back in 1935.  Jack Cover, a NASA researcher, in 1969, began developing the Taser. Mr. Cover got the devise completed during 1974 and called it an electrical rifle. Because gunpowder was used as the propellant in this "rifle" it was declared to be a firearm in 1976. Then according to Wikipedia "Cover's patent was adapted by Nova Technologies in 1983 for the Nova XR-5000, their first non-projectile hand-held style stun gun." Compact stun guns of today have copied generally the same design.

What is an electroshock weapon?

This quote is important: "Electroshock weapon technology uses a temporary high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge to override the body's muscle-triggering mechanisms".  We all know cattle prods have been around ranch use for about a hundred years these are common in feed stores in the cattle country. The cattle prod is the early precursor of the stun gun.  This stun cane with flashlight 1 million volts your protection while walking is about as close to a cattle prod as any stun gun is.

When one uses an electro shock such as from a taser, the victim is immobilized by two metal probes that are joined by wires to the electroshock mechanism. The victim feels pain when the probes hit and is momentarily paralyzed while the current is applied. The stun affect is caused by the amperage. The amount of amperage used determines the force of the stun gun. The optimal body location for general application is on the upper hip, below the ribs or the upper shoulder. The shock is a result of muscle twitching or muscle spasms. 

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