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Survive with Sparkie Fire Starter

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Quick Overview

The Sparkie Fire Starter is a unique, patented flint-based fire starter. This fire starter can be operated with one hand and generates a lot of sparks with minimal effort.

The sparks are hot and tend to light tender on fire easily.  The tender must be fine and then you can grade up to thicker material after the fire is started.

Only weighs about 1 ounce

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Is this fire starter a patented product?

Yes this is a one handed flint based patented fire starter produced by Ultimate Survival Technology.

How hot is the spark produced by this flint based fire starter?

The Sparkie Fire Starter will generate sparks three times hotter than a normal match. The Sparkie will light over a hundred fires and works when wet.

Would you suggest carrying this fire starter in your backpack for trail use?

If you purchased the UST Survival Kit 3.0 you might now need to carry this fire starter because that pack has a flint and carbon rod in it. However, if you have the 1.0 Kit or the 2.0 Kit I would definitely add the flint based Sparkie Fire Starter to my survival kit. I would prefer to have both matches and a fire starter just in case one system failed.

Have you found a demonstration video that we may see how this works?

Yes I have found a review that shows a person who has a cast on one hand using this flint based fire starter and starting several items on fire.  

Do you have a video that shows the fire starting process from beging to a full usable fire?

I found a video that discusses fire starting in a jungle situation where things may be damp or wet and the demonstrator uses a number of different tender types.  This is a very good training video for people who have never made a fire from scratch with a fire starter or have made only a few.

Have you any other suggestions for starting a fire?

One other thing that some people carry is a small metal canister with waxed matches in it. This would give them a first fire and then if they produce char materials or charcoal from the first fire they can carry that to the next fire and have a much easier time starting the subsequent fires.

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