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Safety Technology's Black Trigger 18,000,000 Volt Stun Gun

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Quick Overview

This is the Black Trigger Stun Gun 18,000,000 Volt with light and wrist strap attached to a disable pin made by Safety Technology. The Black Trigger has a unique trigger design for easy operation and lifetime warranty. With this quick pull trigger you can have an attacker begging for mercy. The Black Trigger Stun Gun features a rubberized coating to ensure a nice, tight grip. The bright 100 lumen light is a tactical weapon in itself because it will blind any attacker or it can be used as an everyday flashlight.

Safety Technology's Black TRIGGER stun gun is excellent at stopping someone with 4.8 milliamps of electrical current to bring down the enemy. The charging prongs are built right in so no need to hunt another charger. The charge on the nickel-cadmium battery can last for up to 3 months depending on usage.


  • a disabling pin wrist strap that is an added safety feature.

  • measures 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8" 

  • 18,000,000 Volt 4.8 milliamps 

  • rubberized coating 

  • 100 lumen flashlight 

  • unique trigger design 

  • lifetime warranty

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What is the case of the black stun gun made of?

Safety Tecknology invented construction of the exterior surface of this Black Trigger stun gun rubberized with finger grips on the edge for better hold. It measures 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8". Having a sure grip is important for your safety.

What is the trigger like?

The long trigger is unique and set into the grip. You can see it in the pictures above. This trigger is easy to see and grab, no need to look for a small button to punch. When the black stun gun is turned on, for the stun function, then you just increase pressure on the trigger to activate the electroshock or release to deactivate momentarily.

Why is the wrist strap a safety feature for this stun gun?

It is a safety feature because the wrist strap is attached to the safety pin and can pull out the pin, which makes the stun gun non-functional if someone takes the gun away from you.

The Black Trigger stun gun comes with a disabling pin wrist strap that is an important safety feature. With the strap around your wrist, if the stun gun were to be knocked out of your hand or taken away from you, by a person assalting you, it will be rendered unusable.

Did you indicate this black stun gun has an LED flashlight?

Yes the LED flashlight can be seen in the picture of the Black stun gun above and is located in the middle of the electric poles of this attractive Safety Technology's Black Trigger 18,000,000 volt stun gun with LED. Buy your Black Trigger stun gun with flashlight today.

How is the Trigger stun gun charged up?

The Black Trigger Stun Gun has a built in recharger and can fit any outlet for charging of the battery. The Black electroshock with flashlight for everyone's personal protection is ready to be purchase right here.

How big is a Trigger stun gun?

This Black stun gun is small and portable. The demensions are 4 5/8 x 1 3/4 x 7/8 and whether you're carrying a backpack, a purse or want it in your pocket, this beautiful  stun gun goes anywhere with you.  Carry this practical Black defensive weapon with flashlight for your safety, convenience, and “peace of mind.” Think about buying one for every one in your family. With this duel purpose tool you always have a flashlight available all the time and several if the family is all together.

What makes the Black Trigger stun gun work?

This Black Trigger stun gun is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. The size and the beautiful of this Black Trigger stun gun will really surprise the misguided bad actor who messes with the person carrying it. Protection is our business and we want you to take your own protection seriously.

Do you have a demo of a small stun gun like this one functioning?

Do you have a video of this Trigger stun gun?

Yes here it is.

Will people notice you are carrying a weapon?

Bad actors, perps, probably will not notice that you have something in your hands if you pull out this stun gun to keep available during potentially dangerous situations. This stun gun is dark like you would expect a cell phone to be. The stun gun might be mistaken for a cell phone if they do happen to see it. At night the gun is less likely to be seen because it is small and concealed in your palm and in the dark, difficult to notice. 

Buy a Safety Technology's Black Trigger 18,000,000 volt stun gun with light from this website and know you have some protection available.

How Does the Stun Gun Operate?

The purpose of Any stun gun is temporarily encapacitation of an attacker. An electric shock is applied in order to disrupt muscle functions thus dropping the attacker to the ground and causing him to thrash around hopefully taking his mind off of you. Pain is a normal part of a defensive weapon, do not be squemish, we must accept this fact, however these weapons are designed to not cause significant injury. The most important thing is it gives you time to get away from the area and find a place of safety. The more the bad actor fears being shocked, the better your defense is.

Are there many types of stun guns?

Yes electroshock guns are made in a number of styles, sizes and colors and new designs come out regularly on the market. Look on the page preceding this one to see the aray of colors of just the Trigger Stun Guns. There are other electroshocks weapons sold on this website. Be sure to look around. All such products administer an electric shock by direct contact with the attacker or bad actor. Another defensive tool, the Taser fires projectiles that stick into the person, small "probes" that give shock through thin flexible wires. Some stun tools are also Long-range electroshock projectiles that can be fired from shotguns these do not need the wires.

Who invented the stun gun?

Ciril Diaz of Cuba designed an electroshock glove way back in 1935.  Jack Cover, a NASA researcher, in 1969, began developing the Taser. Mr. Cover got the devise completed during 1974 and called it an electrical rifle. Because gunpowder was used as the propellant in this "rifle" it was declared to be a firearm in 1976. Then according to Wikipedia "Cover's patent was adapted by Nova Technologies in 1983 for the Nova XR-5000, their first non-projectile hand-held style stun gun." Compact stun guns of today have copied generally the same design.

What is an electroshock weapon?

This quote gives you information about stun gun operations: "Electroshock weapon technology uses a temporary high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge to override the body's muscle-triggering mechanisms".  Ranch hands in cattle producing states in the USA use cattle prods and these are the early precursor of the stun gun. The cattle prods have been in ranch use for about a hundred years.

When you contact the body with an electroshock device, such as a taser, the victim is immobilized by two metal probes that are joined by wires to the electroshock mechanism inside the gun. The victim feels pain and is  paralyzed momentarily while the current is applied and the muscles are spasaming. This paralyses can last a bit longer if the gun is higher in amps. The stun affect or shock is caused by the amperage, the amperage used determines the force of the stun gun. The hightly effective part of the body for contacting any perp is on the upper hip, below the ribs, or on the upper shoulder. The shock created is a result of muscle twitching or muscle spasms. A stun gun is used in the same way but must be hand held so you have to jab your attacker with the business end of the stun gun and make contact.


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