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UST Light-Me Tinder

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Quick Overview

Ultimate Safety Technology sells Light-Me Tinder pieces for starting fires in the outdoors and in emergency situations. 

Each piece of tinder in this package provides 2-3 minutes of burn time.  Ultimate Safety Technology treats the tinder fibers so they will light even in damp conditions.

For best performance keep the Light-Me Tinder fiber in a watertight bag.

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What is tinder and what part does it play in starting fires outdoors?

The tinder is the first thing that gets broken up and airiated to produce a readily burnable fluffy material. This is the base of a fire. After the tinder is prepared and burning one adds shredded wood fibers or other thin kindling to the fire and then once the fire is burning add thin sticks and then thick sticks and move up to logs. This tinder is treated to burn even when the fire is being started in damp conditions. This tinder is conditioned for fast starting and sold in a tinder multipack.

What other materials would start fires?

Some outdoorsmen carry char-cloth with them as well as tinder or as their tinder. You can also carry small pieces of charcoal from a previous fire. These materials should be stored and carried in a water tight tin. Char-cloth is made by lighting cotton cloth on fire and then putting it out so it is not consumed by the fire. The partly burned cloth is then easier to use as your tinder than a piece of unburned cloth would be.

I have run across another method that I found a video on that I present here. The easy to light-me tinder could be your backup method if you wanted to make you one of these ropes for fire starting.

How do you start a fire from scratch?

Here is an example of rubbing two sticks together. You can see fricktion is the import thing here. Also not smothering the coals and putting out the fire. 

Can Someone use these techniques with a fire starter?

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