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Black Cell Phone Stun Gun 12 Million volts

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Quick Overview

This stun gun looks like a smart phone which makes it hard to notice by most people. They just will not see it coming! The cell phone electroshock device is Easily conceal  and puts out 12 million volts of stopping power. This is a phone that looks exactly like the top brands! When you are out of danger you can have a good laugh that you pulled one over on the bad guy but pay strick attention while you are under threat.

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Would you know a cell phone was fake if you only saw it at momentarily?

Our Cell Phone Stun Gun is Realistic enough to fool anyone at a glance. The ST-CELLSTUN gives you 4.9 milliamps of electrifying protection in the palm of your hand. This stun gun is easy to use and impossible to recognize. This is the smart phone stun gun people have been wanting to see. Reach for your protection with confidence!

Where do you keep your defensive weapon?

 You must keep all your defensive weapons close at hand. When going to your car in a dark parking lot or a lot that is fairly empty the safest place to have your defensive protection is in your hand. Prepare yourself mentally for the use of the stun gun so you are not shocked when you may actually have to use it. Be watchful and alert any time you are out in a parking lot or on the sidewalk by yourself. Teach yourself to watch people and the areas around you for hidden threats. Read a lot of the signs around you so you know you are paying attention. An attacker is looking for the person with their head down who is not alert and can be caught by suprise. Suprise is an attackers best weapon.

 On a news article on Facebook a few days ago there was a picture of a women who had been attacked on a sidewalk and she was trained in marshal arts. The would be attacker was on the sidewalk on his rear end and was dazed. He had been caught by a women and the short report said she beat him up some because of her trained skills. So that man had the tables turned on him and maybe he will think twice the next time.

What is the advantage of a fake cell phone stun gun?

Most people will not notice that you have a stun gun when you pull out this device to keep in hand during potentially dangerous encounters. It also features an 80 Lumen LED flashlight which allows you to shine light at someone in inconvenient moments.

Measuring 5 ½” x 2 ¾” with a thickness of just a half of an inch, only close inspection will reveal the stunning nature of this smart phone. This fake smartphone Stun Gun 12 million volts black comes with a wall charger and a protective carrying case.

How does the Fake Cell Phone Stun Gun Operate?

A stun gun is designed to incapacitate an attacker with An electroshock. The action is the delivery of an electric shock intended to temporarily disrupting muscle functions. The use of this defensive weapon may inflicting pain without causing significant injury.

Stun Guns come in many types and sizes just take a look at all the ones in our pages. Of course there are many other electroshock designed guns available. These instruments administer an electric shock by direct contact. Tasers, on the other hand, fire projectiles that administer the shock through thin flexible wires. There are also Long-range electroshock projectiles that can be fired from shotguns and do not need the wires.

Who developed the stun gun?

By the way of a historical introduction Ciril Diaz of Cuba designed an electroshock glove way back in 1935. An then an NASA researcher, Jack Cover in 1969, began developing the Taser.

Mr. Cover got the devise completed during 1974 and called it an electrical rifle. Since gunpowder was used in this "rifle" as the propellant it was declared to be a firearm in 1976. Then according to Wikipedia "Cover's patent was adapted by Nova Technologies in 1983 for the Nova XR-5000, their first non-projectile hand-held style stun gun." And the compact stun guns of today have copied that that design with the exception of the outside look of our smartphone Stun Gun 12 million volts black. 

How does the Stun Gun affect the body?

The technical explanation of what happens when one uses a stun gun is: "Electroshock weapon technology uses a temporary high-voltage, low-current electrical discharge to override the body's muscle-triggering mechanisms". Stun guns of course are a relative of the cattle prod. You know that cattle prods have been around ranch use for about a hundred years. 

When one uses an electro shock device the victim is immobilized by two metal probes that are joined by wires to the electroshock mechanism. The victim feels pain and is momentarily paralyzed while the current is applied. The stun affect is caused by the amperage. The weapons capability depends on the amount of amperage used. The most effective location for general application is the upper shoulder, below the ribs or on the upper hip. The shock is a result of muscle twitching or muscle spasms.

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