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UST Backpack Chainsaw

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Quick Overview

The SaberCut Chainsaw is a heavy-duty cutting tool that is great for camping or emergency situations.

The flexible 24" blade cuts at a variety of angles with little clearance. 

Hand grips are attached to the ends.

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Is this a standard chain saw blade?

Yes the chain is built like a standard chain saw blade so that it saws more easily than a thiner saw blade might.  The blade may be pulled in both directions with the teeth down on the surface to be cut.

Can the chain saw blade cut through a tree or limb?

Yes the blade easily saws through trees and limbs and features comfortable wrist straps for less stress on your hands. The flexible 24" blade cuts at a variety of angles with little clearance.

How do you maintain a chain saw blade cuting tool?

Clean the debre out of it after each use and use cutting oil on the metal part to keep the blades from rusting. The SaberCut Chainsaw sharpens with a standard 1/8" saw blade sharpener and lasts indefinitely with minimal maintenance.

Can I extend the length of the handles in case the area is too tight to use the tool the way it comes from the factory?

Yes the chain saw blade can be extended simply by adding extra cordage to each handle. This ability to add extra cordage may also give you a chance to add extra people to give more muscle to the project.

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