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Folding Saw for Camping Sold Here

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Quick Overview

This relatively small Folding Saw is compact and conveniently fits in your pack or pocket.

It is useful for a wide range of camping and survival applications. This Folding Saw has 7 Teeth Per Inch and the 5" blade which folds out and locks into place. This is one of the best folding camp Saws and has a comfortable rubber handle with non-slip grip.

A Nylon sheath is Included.

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How do you use a small folding camping saw?

First you remove it from the sheath and extend the blade out of the handle. This makes the best folding saw ready to work. Like any saw you use a back and forth motion to cut through wood. The teeth are arranged to give you the best cutting with an average amount of pressure and motion.

What do you do with the saw on a camping trip?

I have used them to collect fire wood and to trim trails when low branches impeded my path. One could often use a pocket folding saw for building a shelter if you did not bring a tent or other shelter with you. Or if you were in a survival situation a folding saw would come in very handy to do a number of jobs, shelters, fire wood collecting, raft building or collecting edible plants even.

Have you seen a review of this small folding saw or one similar to it?

I am including a video review here so please take a look. There are many niche features to this saw and you can see the reviewer discuss them. The non-slip grip with the rubber handle is great and it prevents hot spots and blisters. The video mentions shelter building and collecting fire wood as being two of the main uses of a compact folding saw one would carry on a backpacking trip.


What are other uses for a small folding saw?

One of the videos I checked out while writing this description and information for this product said to use it to cut down your next Christmas tree. That was very interesting and something you might not think about as a normal use of this compact folding saw. In a hunting situation you could use it to cut threw large bones of animals you had killed. When cleaning a large animal one wants to get rid of unnecessary weight and only take back the edible parts plus the bone within those parts.

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