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Ultimate Safety Technology ParaTinder

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Quick Overview

ParaTinder is an recent innovation in emergency preparedness. ParaTinder by UST combines life-saving fire tinder and 550 paracord for the ultimate gear duo. The addition of a single tinder thread allows this paracord to pull double duty. Other things the Core threads can be used for are sewing thread, sutures, and fishing line.

To ignite the tinder thread, expose the red core thread and light with any fire starter. 

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What is paracord?

Paracord is the short name for parachute cord. The original use for this material was parachute lines. Then military and outdoorsmen started adapting it to many other uses. Those who had it along on hiking trips were glad they had it if they ended up in some kind of an emergency. It could be used to build a shelter, bundle fire wood to carry back to camp and You can create a bracelet, zipper pull with it. You could also wrape handles of knives, machetes and hiking sticks. Lanyards for emergency situations could be used to sling a broken arm. One could tie together sticks to brace a broken leg or pad a stick to make a crutch.  You will think of a use that fits your emergency if you ever get into one.

Have any of the survival shows recomended another use for paracord?

Well I have named quite a few but one I remember all the time is to remove the cheap laces from your boots and replace them with 550 cord so that you always have some on you at all times while hiking.

Belts, whips, and rifle slings have been produced with paracord. If you have these things with you prepared is your middle name.

What colors does paracord come in?

After WWII when the civilian population could finally get hold of the material it started coming out in all kinds of colors some even in neon colors. Prior to that it was only made in neutral and olive drab for the military.  In 1997 the military discontinued there technical standards and everything changed to what was commonly available. Military cord was closer to 4mm thick and modern standards are closer to 3mm thick.

Do you have a demonstration video for other uses of paracord?


What might we think of next?

I found a video on making a self defense weapon called a monkey fist. So enjoy the video.

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