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UST ParaCuda FS

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Quick Overview

The ParaCuda FS is an 11" straight blade with a rust-resistant black-oxide finish that easily clears brush. The machete Featuring a sturdy, 3mm thick stainless steel blade that is flexible, yet strong enough to handle the toughest jobs. 

The ParaCuda FS includes:

  • a magnesium fire starter

  • a saw on the back of the blade

  • a protective sheath

  • a paracord-wrapped handle

  • Paracord unwraps to over 9 feet 

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Is the blade sharp for immediate use right out of the package?

Yes the sturdy 3mm thick stainless steel blade is flexible yet strong and is sharp right out of the box. We suggest wearing sturdy gloves and safety goggles to protect your hands and eyes. 

Does the saw blade on the back work and how are the teeth situated?

The saw teeth are set up to cut wood. They are on both sides of the blade so there are basically two rows. Every other tooth is on the other side of the back of the blade. This allows for sawing in both direction. If you are sawing something very thick it may bind. I have used a sawsall quite a bit and their blades bind as I get to where the limb puts pressure on the base of the tree. I would not try to use this saw on things unnecessarily.  The machete works so well that there is not that much need to stand around sawing anything.

What is the cord that wraps the handle like?

Although the cord that wraps the handle is paracord it is not as thick as 550 cord which is the size most survivalists swear by. One person recomended wrapping 550 paracord around the handle first then put the yellow paracord around that. He finished his handle off with two or more wraps of self adhering vet wrap. That man like the thickness and grip this combination gave him.

How do you carry the machete when you are backpacking?

You can put the sheath that comes with the machete on your belt but many people do not want to be incumbered in this fashion and put it on the mole attachments on their backpacks. This places the very useful paracuda fs machete out of the way when you do not really need it and still handy to get to.


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