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Pepper Guns

Why use a pepper gun?

The Mace pepper gun trigger activates an LED light. The LED makes it easier for you to see and improve your aiming and hit the target. Typically LED light shinning in the face of a bad actor confuses your attacker because it catches them off guard giving you a chance to fire and run. This feature comes in handy when it is dark. You will find this gun more useful than the usual pepper spray cans which are harder to aim.

The mace pepper gun can spray from any angle even if you accidentally place it upside down. This is a great feature because when a person is attacked, they can become disoriented, not think straight, or get knocked down. This feature allows the spray to come out like an aerosol from any angle.

You can also spray your attacker from farther away since the mace gun sprays up to 20 feet away. Normal spray cans only work within close range, which is dangerous.

At only 2.5 pounds, the gun is light enough to carry around without feeling bogged down.

The cost is relatively low when considering your safety. 

Do you have a video of the Mace Pepper Gun in operation?

Yes view this video.

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