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Night Defense

What does Mace consider night defense?

Listed on this part of the website are the Mace Pepper guns and Mace Night Defense canister plus refills for the guns. 

What is Mace?

Presently Mace pepper spray is a good self-defense spray. Mace started out as a civilian tear gas. In stronger formulas, Sheriffs officers use the noxious gas agent to stop riots and knock down Perpetrators (and some rowdy college students) to arrest them. The first industrial-strength Mace tear gas wad designed for use by deputies but Mace Pepper Spray is a more recent product and a good self-defense item for people.

Who uses Mace?

Mace should be used by anyone wanting protection. Women, college student, senior citizen or other persons who needs a protection item to fend off aggressive attackers like and use Mace Pepper spray. Mace Company has evolved and is here to stay even with the new self-defense technologies we have today. Mace Pepper Spray is hard to beat.

How does Mace affect a person on drugs?

Encountering someone high on drugs, drunk, or just out of their mind, Police learned they do not tend to feel pain. No pain means Mace canisters filled with only tear gas does not work well. The miscreants have to feel pain to be affected by Mace tear gas. This is why Mace isn't perfect and the company went back to the lab.

How does Mace work?

Mace with only tear gas, only irritates the mucous membranes. So the eyes, nose and throat, react by tearing, running and with pain. Tear gas may cause a headache, dizziness and chest tightening. The attacker could still fight and the average citizen might get injured. Police however have back up from guns and billy clubs. People often carry one defensive product, and if that doesn't work, they are still in danger.

What did Mace Company do to solve the problem that sometimes the tear gas failed to bring down the perp?

Mace Pepper Spray and Mace Pepper Foam are the results of going back to the lab and experimenting further. The first product had the original tear gas but today the company has hot pepper mixed in, called oleoresin capsicum. Instead of just causing someone pain and tearing eyes, Capsicum causes a person to stop and drop. OC is an inflammatory, not just an irritant. OC causes eyes, nose, and throat to burn. Then they swell. Throat swelling causes coughing and throat swelling produces problems breathing as the throat starts constricts. The eyes shut when swelling and the attacker cannot see. Blood vessels in their eye balls swell causing blinding that can last 15 minutes with a 4 second spray. Problems with sight can cause loss of balance where lack of oxygen slows the attacker down.

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