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Klipp Utensil Set

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Quick Overview

The Klipp Utensil Set is made of smooth matte-metallic finish of extremely tough stainless steel. It is durable enough to last a lifetime.

The locking carabiner keeps the utensils together during storage.

All three utensils measure 6 1/2".

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How many different types of materials are used to make camping utensils?

Easily found are plastic utensils, steel utensils, stainless steel utensils, and wood utensils.  Personaly I like stainless steel since they do not rust and are quite durable. Also they are stiff just from the fact that they are steel.  Plastic utensils might get into a fire and burn or warp. Plastic is often not too strong when it comes to cutting meat. Or even picking up meat with a fork.  Some spoons that are plastic will not stay real stiff in hot liquids.

How does this Klipp stainless steel camping utensile set of three separate pieces compare to other camping utensils?

We have three separate items, a fork, a spoon and a knife. I like that idea very much. I think it makes the set more useful. I have seen a set with a combination knife and spoon on the same piece and then the fork separate. I do not like this because you might need both and have both ends dirty. Other sets I have seen are attached permanently together like a pocket knife and I do not think those are as handy.

Plastic UtensilsPlastic spoon fork comboSpoon utility toolUtensils All in one

Would you carry the Klipp Utensil set for camping, hiking or just survival use?

I would suggest carrying this Klipp stainless steel set on all hiking, camping or just in case needed for survival. It is light weight and small enough not to be a burdon. If you need it you have it and if you go camping you will need to use it. It is something that will always be useful.

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