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Door and Window Alarms

Do you have door and window alarms?

Yes we carry several types of door alarms that can also double as personal alarms. We have glass break alarms that stick to the window to let you know if the window is being breached. The window alarm can be used on other items such as computers also.

We carry Padlocks with alarms built in on this part of the website. They could be quite handy for items you do not want disturbed. Only the person with the key gets to the item locked up without the alarm going off.

What do you do for home protection?

This website has a number of products that will protect you, your house and your valuables. Household alarms should be considered a necesary thing in this day and age. These alarms you can install yourself or you may contact a company locally and have them install one of theirs and they monitor it. Through research it is known that burglars stay in a house very few minutes on average.

What is the biggest mistake people make with home alarm systems?

The biggest problem is failing to turn it on! If it is unarmed the smoke detectors often do not work if electronic. If you do not turn the alarm on when you are home the alarm cannot warn you of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide, or intruders. Home invasions are on the upswing. If the alarm is not set when you leave the house then it cannot report intrusions. It would be wise have something visible that reminds you to turn the alarm on. Say a symble attached to your key chain so you do not drive away without turning on the alarm.

What is one of the other most often overlooked safety problems?

Humans often tend to forget door and window locks and their maintainance. Proper working locks alone might prevent a break-in, which keeps the family safe. Also glass break alarms are available. And should be used. Many people do not include them in home security precaustions. 

Motion detectors are another omitted item that can be added to the home to alert you if someone is walking inside the house. Or you can cover your driveway so you know if someone is coming toward your cars or the back of the house.

Do you have something to hide valubles in plain sight?

Yes We have many types of diversion safes that can sit in plain sight in various parts of your house. Since the burglars have practically no time to look around it is considered unlikely they will find these hiding places for your valuables. Take a look at the great variety of diversion safes. Buy several products to cover various areas in your home.

Do you have other protection devises?

We offer some of the products that can be used to protect your home. Motion detectors, cameras, and hidden cameras help while creating a safe environment for the family. Be aware of not only the danger that you can see like the burglar attempting entry, but other dangers an alarm can protect the family from if it is triggered. Security and safety should be the most important things to a family. Protection from an alarm system is one of the ways to provide it and the motion detectors help also when added to the system.


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