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FeatherLite Survival Kit 2.0

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Quick Overview

This FeatherLite Survival Kit 2.0 contains an assortment of essential supplies you may need in an emergency. The number of items in this kit is less then the number of items in the 3.0 kit.


1 - 6" Light Stick
1 - Mini Flashlight
1 - Box of Waterproof Matches
1 - Emergency Poncho
1 - Emergency Whistle
1 - Signal Mirror
1 - Button Compass
1 - Emergency Blanket
1 - Survival Towel
1 - Carabiner Knife
1 - Instruction Sheet

Dimensions 5" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" Weighs 7.8 oz.

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Where would you find it useful to keep a kit of this nature?

I suggest you keep this kit at home, in your car, RV, on your boat and in your backpack so you are always prepared. The contents are stored inside a lightweight bright orange pouch that makes is easy to locate. The size of the pouch makes for convenient storage. 

Does the FeatherLite Survival Kit 2.0 have the same items in it that Featherlite Survival Kit 3.0 has?

 Contents:                        Kit 3.0 Has extra items that are not listed here. The items that are listed are compared if they differ.

1 - 6" Light Stick ---------- kit 3.0 has two light sticks
1 - Mini Flashlight
1 - Box of Waterproof Matches---------No matches in kit 3.0
1 - Emergency Poncho-------------Kit 3.0 has two ponchos
1 - Emergency Whistle
1 - Signal Mirror
1 - Button Compass
1 - Emergency Blanket-----------Kit 3.0 has two blankets
1 - Survival Towel-------------Kit 3.0 has two towels
1 - Carabiner Knife
1 - Instruction Sheet

The Dimensions of this pouch a bit less and the weight is almost 6 oz. less.  Dimensions are: 5" x 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" Weighs 7.8 oz.

Do you have a demo of the Ultimate Survival Technology Featherlite Survival kit 2.0?

I was not able to find a demonstration video of this kit. I presume that several people just passed it over for the 3.0 Kit since it has the fire starter and flint striker. I am including the demonstration video from the 3.0 Kit so you can watch it if you have not seen it.  As it moves along you can compare the information on this list to what you see on the screen. One idea is buy one of each. You will get the matches which are not in the other kit and you will get the fire starter and flint striker not in this kit. You will have two pouches and you can divide the fire starter stuff into one pouch and the other survival items into the other.

Do you have other items you would suggest adding to this kit besides what the 3.0 Kit has in it?

Yes I would add a yellow bandanna that could be used to signal with. I would add a utensil set, a fold-able cup and a personal filter straw for water filtration. You probably would want to also carry a small supply of protein bars. I am assuming a day hike that might turn into an overnight situation or even a two night situation. 

If you are going on a longer backpacking trek I would suggest a camping stove and dehydrated food supply. You would need a pot to boil water in to pour the hot water into the dehydrated food pouch. I would suggest a clean, dry pair of sock or two and extra Ziploc type bags for various uses. One use is they make good boot liners if needed. You can read my story in the 3.0 Kit page.

These items would give you the minimum ability to stay out at least four to six nights without much discomfort. 

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