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Taser HD Camera Download Kit

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Quick Overview

The Dataport Download Kit is specifically designed to plug into the TASER X2 or X26P CEW via the battery well and connects to a PC using an available USB port.

Features: cable, plug for USA wallplugs, foreign plug kit

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What does this cable do?

This cable allows for the upload of firing data from the X2 or X26P CEW to Evidence.com via Online SYNC. You can also download the firing data to a local computer via Offline SYNC.

How much use of the Taser and camera do you get out of a fully charged battery?

A fully charged battery will give you enough power for approximately 100 firings of the device and approximately 1 hour of superior video and audio recording. The TASER CAM recorder stores the video and audio records; the X2 and X26P devices store the firing records giving you an unparalleled record of events.

How does the camera fit the two taser weapons?

The camera pack is inserted in place of the battery. If the device is armed, that is the safety switch in the up position, the TASER CAM automatically begins recording both audio and video. Therefor it gets the action before and during the shot and just after. Not burdening the user in a dangerous situation with the need to turn on a recording device is very important and guarantees there will always be a record of the TASER firing.

Is this Taser Camera sold with the X2 or X 26 Taser weapon?

No the Taser Camera fits the X2 and X26 but is sold seperatly.

Do I understand that the Camera USB battery can be replaced when it wears out?

Yes the Taser Camera HD USB has this Replacement Battery Pack once the original no longer works. 

Do you have a demo of the X2 Taser in operation?

Yes this video talks about the advances that have been made in the X2 over the X26.

Do you have a video with the camera on the X2?

Yes take a look at this short video of a man's life being saved filmed by the camera.

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