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What is the History of the Taser?

Many USA  law enforcement agencies use Tasers. Tasers are also used around the world. Taser delivers a 50,000 volt electric shock to the perp that overrides the central nervous system causing uncontrollable muscle contractions and collapse but not a death or injury.

Taser is named for a 1911 boy's action story by author Victor Appleton. The fictitious tale is about a young crime fighter who stops criminals by incapacitating them with an electric rifle he made. The name of the boy in the story was Thomas A. Swift. The story was entitled: “Thomas A. Swift and his Electric Rifle”. The inventor of the first true electric non-lethal devise named his invention T A S E R after the initials of the story title.

The Arizona corporation Taser International manufactures and sells these non-lethal products. Several models are made. Starting in 1994 the first devise was called the "Air Taser". In 1998 the "M26" came out and in 2003 the "X26."  Police report that the use of Tasers lowers injury to police and the public. Police also use Taser in addition to other non-lethal force.

Does the Taser Bolt have a rechargable Battery?

No The Boldt by Taser has a litium battery pack that will eventually need replacing and can be purchased right here.

What is the distance the Taser Bolt will reach?

The Taser Bolt can shoot a perp up to 15 feet away from you.

What is in the Taser X2 kit and does it come with a camer?

The Taser X2 kit has the taser gun with Laser and  LED built into it, 2 live Cartridges, PPW (Battery Pack), and a Target. Below there is a video of a camera capture.

Is the Taser X2 Law Enforcement strength?

Yes the Taser X2 is designed by law enforcement and most officer requested capabilities. It is simple to use and has a similar size to the X26P.

How do you aim the X2?

The X2 has high performance dual LASERs which improves accuracy and aiming and has a performance power magazine that will last up to 500 firings. The X2 has a weatherproof design.  It has a self-diagnostic feature that tells the user if the device is healthy or has a problem.

Is there a back up capacity in the X2?

Yes this Taser product has back up shot capability for multiple targets or miss recovery whitch has been a leading edge in the X2 technology. 

How much use of the Taser and camera do you get out of a fully charged battery?

A fully charged battery will give enough power for approximately 100 firings of the device and approximately 1 hour of superior video and audio recording. The TASER CAM recorder stores the video and audio records; the X2 and X26P devices store the firing records giving you an unparalleled record of events.

How does the camera fit the two taser weapons?

The camera pack is inserted where the battery would go. If the device is armed with the safety switch in the up position, the TASER CAM automatically begins recording both audio and video. Therefor recording action before and during the shot and just after. The user is not burdoned, in a dangerous situation, with the need to turn on a recording device.

Is this Taser Camera sold with the X2 or X 26 Taser weapon?

No the Taser Camera fits the X2 and X26 but is sold seperatly.

Do I understand that the Camera USB battery can be replaced when it wears out?

Yes the Taser Camera HD USB has this Replacement Battery Pack once the original no longer works. 

Do you have a demo of the X2 Taser in operation?

Yes this video talks about the advances that have been made in the X2 over the X26.

Do you have a video with the camera on the X2?

Yes take a look at this short video of a man's life being saved filmed by the camera.

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