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See-Me 1.0 LED Light Sold Here

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Quick Overview

The See-Me 1.0 LED Light is the perfect companion for your pack or Personal Floatation Device ensuring you can be located quickly in an emergency situation. 

  • Light provides 20 lumens of light for up to 17 continuous hours 

  • LED bulb never needs to be replaced with its lifetime rating

  • The 1.0 is waterproof with an IPX7 rating and it is U. S. Coast Guard-approved.

  • This light can be seen from 3.4 miles on a dark, clear night. Which exceeds the USCG standard of 1 nautical mile visibility. 

  • Lanyard cord and hook-and-loop strap included.

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What is this safety light used for?

The LED light is waterproof so it will be good to attach one to each life jacket of people you take boating if you intend to be out at night. For emergencies you should have a couple in your equipment for your boat just in case a motor gives out and you end up out after dark. The See-Me 1.0 is waterproof with an IPX7 rating and it is U. S. Coast Guard-approved. This light has been tested and can be seen from 3.4 miles on a dark, clear night. This distance exceeds the USCG standard of 1 nautical mile visibility. The See-Me 1.0 LED Light provides 20 lumens of light for up to 17 continuous hours and the lifetime LED bulb never needs to be replaced. 

The light could be used to signal a helicopter if you had an auto accident and had called for emergency airlife pickup. The light could signal help if you were lost in a backpacking emergency far from any other people or buildings or services. The light could give you the time to set up a shelter if you were going to have to stay out overnight and you only intended a day hike. The chance to build a fire to keep warm in an overnight situation when it got dark a lot faster than you anticipated. This can happen in the mountains quite frequently. 

Have you ever been in a situation where one of these LED lights would have come in handy?

I personally have not had an emergency on a hiking or backpacking trip where a light would have been an aid. However, my father did have such an incident. He went to Port Aransas and met some men with their own boat he and another man got invited to go fishing with them out into the gulf. This would have been a great deal of fun for all concerned and started out just that way. However, the group was not near any other boats as it got to be late. They were going to head back in but the motor either did not work or stopped working fairly quickly. They tried using the normal radio and it failed to function. They had a backup radio but it did not reach anyone for a long time.

At some point the electricity on the boat failed. Obviously many lessons were learned in this situation.

They finally had a family member report the boat missing when no one had called home at the proper time. But needless to say this was very late and the boat was drifting all this time. The people on the boat did not know where they were so that was an additional problem. They got some radio contact with an airplane that was sent out to drop flairs to try to figure out where they were. The fishermen never saw the flairs for hours. The coast guard had the wrong idea where the boat might be. At some point between sporadic radio contact and elimination of some search areas someone figured they were drifting and which direction they might be headed. I think it was the second night that they were finally able to see the flairs and a coast guard boat came and pulled them in.  Needless to say the families were all very nervous and did not really have anything to tell the coast guard to help the situation. Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time so be prepared. 

What is another example of need for emergency lighting?

Another situation where such a light would be handy was in New Orleans during Katrina. All the electricity went out during the storm in large parts of the city. People needed to be able to see the water rising and needed to see their way out of their houses. Those that went into their attics to try and go to the roof needed light and axes. They had to see to hack a hole in the roof to get out on top of it and later be ready to be picked up. Those with no axes drowned in their attacks. 


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