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  • Protection for Women and College Students

    Protection for Women and College Students

    All college students today should take extra precautions and carry pepper spray with them at all times. There have been riots that the news media calls demonstrations, at several campuses. It seems free speech is a thing of the past. If you want to say something political or even accidentally get caught in or near a political rally you may be attacked. If you want to attend a political rally you should be prepared to defend yourself aggressively.  Carry both stun gun and pepper spray.

    stun gun and pepper spraystun gun and pepper sprayPepper spray 1

    One young man, who probably thought he could go to a rally and just take care of himself with his fists or who did not even think about the fact that the rally would turn violent, got a smashed bottle in the face. The picture looks like he received a nasty cut and a broken nose.

    This picture is of another person in a similar riot this year (2017) at or near a campus.

    Man injured at rally

    The students are mostly rioting over free speech or the fact they do not want free speech on campuses or over political sides. The picture below is of a woman injured this year in such a situation.


    If you intend to participate in one of these political rallies or you are at a campus with polarized views of free speech you should go around your daily activities with defensive protection devices.  Going unprepared to take care of yourself or someone with you may be asking for trouble.

    One campus had a person attack people on campus with a knife. Four were injured and one died of the injuries suffered. None of the people attacked seemed to be prepared to defend themselves.

    We at ProtectionIsOurBusiness.com want to suggest you buy our products and be prepared to protect yourself or give our products to the college students you  know who are in need of such protection.

    We sell all sorts of self defense items and would hope you realize this is not the campuses of the 1950's but the campuses of the 2017's and not always safe places to be.

    Besides that female students just walking around campus or towns at the edge of campus are not safe because of the animosity of other students and the rape culture of Muslim immigrants. There are criminal illegal aliens to consider also. We feel it is much better to have defensive weapons on your person or in your backpack than to have you become a victim with no preparation to defend yourself.  Please think about this.  We are in this business because we believe in protecting your self as best you can. We believe you should give these relatively inexpensive products as gifts to anyone you know so they may protect themselves in this world that is becoming increasingly violent.


    We do not believe in promoting violence but we definitely believe in protecting yourself and fighting back against attackers. We do not want you to become a victim!!

    Go Here for your self defense products!

  • Pepper Spray Good Product to Escape Attacker

    Pepper Spray Good Product to Escape Attacker

    Pepper spray comes in very small canisters all the way to larger canisters more the size of a 20 oz. Coke bottle.  The smaller canisters usually have 5 or more sprays in them and easily concealed in your palm or purse or even your pocket.

    Pepper spray 1

    Pepper spray is made from pepper plants that have a fairly high hot spice to them.  The pepper you see most often in grocery stores is Bell Pepper which has very little to no hot spice in it.  Other members of the family have a very good kick when eaten.  That fiery product is removed from pepper plants through a chemical process and compressed into the canisters.

    The spray can extend from 6-12 feet depending on the canister type.  The heat content can be very high or a bit lower.  In any case the product causes eyes to close and water, nose to run and often the victim sprayed coughs a good deal.

    Pepper spray is consider a less than lethal defensive product and leaves no lasting harm.

    What compressed pepper spray does is allow you to defend yourself against an attacker and disorient him or her for long enough for you to run away. The purpose is to give you time to escape and report the attack to the police so they may try and catch the perpetrator.  Even if the person is not caught you are ok and the police have a report and can be on the lookout for the person.

    Watch the results when teens agree to test the pepper spray.  A number of 4 letter words are used.  You may want to send young ones out of the room.


    Go here to see the many types of pepper spray on my site.

  • Have You Worried About Car - Water Accidents

    Have You Worried About Car - Water Accidents

    Be prepared do not be worried or end up in the water without proper tools.  I offer you an Auto Emergency Tool right here on my website.  The video is of our first auto emergency tool and describes four of the tools in our new version of this tool.  The new version however has eight tools in a single tool.  We have advanced your safety by adding tools to our auto emergency single tool.  Watch this very short video and see the first four tools discussed.


    Now that you have been introduced to this valuable tool let me tell you what we have added to it.  There is a USB car charger that plugs into the DC receptacle for charging cell phones there is a glow-in-the-dark band that points you to the USB port. You can charge cell phones and tablets and the internal battery is charged at the same time so you have a portable 1400mAh power bank in your hands. Most cell phones can be charged twice on this portable supply.

    So now you have an even more valuable tool that you may actually use regularly even on dry land.  We of course hope you stay on dry land but want you to be prepared if something does happen and you get in the water.



    Real  Car-Water Wreck Story from Central Texas

    I think I may have already mentioned a person I knew about who was driving his family at night around a lake in Central Texas. Somehow they got confused between the road and an access road to a boat ramp for the lake.  The father was driving, the mother and another women possibly the wife's mother, but I do not remember that part, were in the car. The son who was athletic built and I believe 16-18 years old was riding in the car along with his much younger sister.

    The father could not tell that he was on the access to the boat ramp and was not going vary slowly.  He could not see the water in the dark he said when questioned.  So he drove fairly rapidly right into the water and the car sunk fast with all windows rolled up and electric locks and windows locked shut.  The father managed to kick out a side window and so did the son. Those two escaped the death trap but none of the women got out and the men from all the reports I read did not make a major effort to get the women out.  That was upsetting to me. I would have made every effort to get them out hopefully alive.  It took time for the family to get assistance in the middle of the night and not near any homes.  The rescue crew were the ones that removed the bodies of the women.

    Please do not let yourself be one of the victims in a car-water wreck. Please know how to get out and carry tools.

    When using a tool to break a window, aim at a corner of the window as that is the weakest point in the glass so the instructions tell us.

  • Video's Are Everywhere

    I just saw a video about an incident where a police officer was in a serious situation with a suspect.  I do not know how someone got such a good video but it was too far away to see how badly the officer was being beaten or strangled.  But it was obvious that the suspect was on top of the officer and that the officer had been subdued.  The officer was not able to get back in control of the situation by himself.

    This incident happened in Florida on a highway and you could see several cars and a truck stopped.  A man came from a car further back where we could not see from the video.  He had a conceal carry permit and had his gun out because he already could see the officer was in trouble.  He started out behind other cars where the suspect could not see him coming.  Then he moved around one of the closer cars and brought his gun up and confronted the suspect.  He must have ordered the suspect to release the officer because you could see the suspect move his arms around indicating he was not going to release the officer.

    At that point the conceal carry person shot the suspect three times and put down his own gun.

    Then other officers arrived and took control of the situation.  They marked the bullet casing the and the gun that had been used with yellow markers.  That was visible in the video.

    The man who shot the suspect walked back to his vehicle to wait I suspect because he was probably in some shock.

    That is where the video ended but the note on the Facebook entry said that the shooting was ruled justifiable and so the good Samaritan and the police officer were not in any trouble.

    The note also said that the suspect died at the scene.  They did not, at that time, have any background on who the suspect was or why he attached the officer.

    I am so glad that a conceal carry person was there to save the officers life.

  • Back From The Road and on the Mend

    Back From The Road and on the Mend

    Hi All,  I have just been to California to teach a fairy shrimp identification class.  After I got back I caught a cold which was probably from someone in one of the airplanes since they are such confined space.  I still am not doing top notch yet but its coming along.  So I needed to get a quick blog off and let people know I did not fall off the face of the earth.

    My class is taught to biologists that do land surveys when property changes hands or is put to a new use.  They also monitor property for various people to keep up on the population of various endangered species.  Several of the fairy shrimp are on the list of endangered animals.  California has an extremely varied topography with many micro habitats and the Mediterranean climate lending the area to have large numbers of endemic species. This has been noted by the Federal Government and State Government and a lot of laws enacted to protect endangered species.  This employees a lot of biologists who might otherwise not find jobs so readily in such large numbers.  I teach the biologist that need to know about how to identify and separate the species of common fairy shrimp from the endangered ones.

    I had a very small class in San Diego but we had fun and the people enjoyed the class.  They all passed their test and seemed to take to the material very well.  I have fun going out and teaching the class so it is fun to fly from Texas to CA and back.  Unless of course I come down with a cold.  That is not fun.  My sister, whom I live with, also caught it from me and is miserable.  We will be better before too long and back on our feet.

    We are working this online business together. I have been trying to find a legitimate way to make money online for several years so am ahead of her in the language and some of the types of work that need to be done.  She came up with ITTcareer.com and we signed up.  After that I started working with Rory Ricord and then found this website.  I am combining Rory's training and site with information from here and ITT and it should start producing any time now.  We are both selling on eBay and ITT has set us each a website up and those should be working this week.  I will add both of those to the Rory site just as I have done with this site.  It allows the links to be counted everywhere and give the sites more credit.  I am pleased with the progress.  If you are interested send me a contact.

  • Love to Observe Wildlife?

    Love to Observe Wildlife?

    white tail deer

    I was taking a brake from doing about anything and walked out the garage door and just looked at the property.  To my complete surprise, I could not believe my luck but I saw two bucks and some other dear were there also.  Long behold I was seeing more horns.  These were not doe with the bucks but more bucks.  The group consisted of six bucks and no females at all.  I have never seen such a site.  I like to watch the deer in the late afternoon when I can catch them passing through but never in 71 years of observing animals have I ever seen six buck together.  They all looked to be the same age and I guessed from the horns they were about 4 years old.

    I am really not sure what to make of this observation.  We normally have three females and sometimes two or three babies go through the property my sister owns.  We are located in Central Texas north of San Antonio at the edge of the hill country.  Sometimes we are able to see a buck with the females but that is not too common.  We sometimes get to see the females everyday for a few days then skip some days and catch them again.  They are all white tail deer.

    I am a biologist so animal observation is a lot of fun for me and I could spend hours doing nothing but watching animals.  One has to make a living and eat and sleep so that only leaves sporadic time for the animals.  But we do what we can right?

    Hope to see those males again but I do not count on it and am not going to bet that I will ever be so lucky again.  But the others are fun anyway.

  • Support The Constitution of the United States

    Support The Constitution of the United States

    On Twitter and Facebook and news there is all sorts of talk about the people who are rioting in a few cities and protesting in others.  This all started because Trump won the election.  I cannot believe that our way of life is going to disintegrate because some people cannot accept the election results.  That is ridiculous.

    We are in The United States for goodness sake.  We debate, we vote and then a new administration takes over an runs the country and in four years you have another chance to do the thing all over again.  What is wrong with these people?? They are going to throw a fit like a young child because they cannot always have their own way.

    And now we have judges who want to write the law instead of interpret it. They want to say who can do what.  They should get off the bench and run for congress if they want to make the laws of the land.

    There is no way these judges can rewrite the constitution to be what they want it to be.  That is absurd.  Everyone needs to step back and calm down or we are going to have another civil war.  But this time there is no land to divide up because the people are all mixed together.  No North and South divided.  None of this makes any sense.

    And then on Twitter some woman threatened to assassinate the President.  That is a real threat not just talk and should be investigated and prosecuted.  That gives those judges something to do besides write law.

    We have a great country and we should support it.  We should support our police and our military.  They are the ones on the front lines defending these people's right to act like children with major temper tantrums.  If these people were not so vicious and serious this would look like a major cartoon.  But it is not funny to see so many people coming apart at the seams and not accepting the results of the election because they do not like them.

    Obviously there have been people disappointed after every election but not like this time.  This time it seems to be really bad.  I am hoping that we do not have riots where I live.  I would hate to have to shoot one of my neighbors who simply wanted to attack my house because I did not support their way of thinking.  I am armed and will defend my house.  I have gone to Front Sight and taken defensive handgun lessons but in the case of close up defense of one's home I would probably oped to blow them away with a shotgun.

    Hope it never comes to that anywhere but to hear these people talk and see what they have written I just do not know what to think.

    My website has self-defense equipment of a non-lethal type but this is not what may be required for all out riots.

  • A Friend is Going To Chicago

    A Friend is Going To Chicago

    I was on Facebook today and saw a remark one of my friends made.  He is acting and writing two novels.  He said he was going to Chicago for an activity of some sort I think dealing with awards.  Anyway I wrote him a note on the post that he better get his conceal carry permit and carry protection.  Of course he could order some of the products from my website to take with him.  I wanted him to think about his own safety since there have been more than 200 deaths due to shootings in Chicago just in January.  And that number is several days old so there may be many more.

    It  is a shame that Chicago with its history and influence is having such a massive problem with people shooting each other.  Gangs, mafia, or what ever, the place needs to be cleaned out.  Possibly a curfew needs to go into effect and the army or national guard sent in to enforce it and then run a clean up to catch the criminals and prosecute them.

    I am not a member of law enforcement, just a private citizen but that town has gone beyond reason.  Something needs to be done.  The average citizen cannot walk the streets safely at this point.

    I have non-lethal protection devises on my website and surveillance equipment to allow you to keep an eye on your property and home.  I also have survival equipment that you will find handy for everyday to just be on the safe side or for carrying hiking or backpacking.  People must consider their own risk tolerance and their own ability to protect themselves especially if no one else is around when something happens.

    When I was growing up we did not even lock our doors most of the time.  San Antonio was a very safe place to grow up and I enjoyed the fact I could walk several blocks to school and to friends houses and did not have to have an escort or be driven to school.  It was a nice freedom that many children today do not have.  Parents are afraid to let the kids out of the house for fear they will be shot or abducted.  Especially if they live in a bad city like Chicago.  San Antonio is worse now of course, than it was in the 50's but we are still fairly safe in most neighborhoods and the main downtown area is fine all hours of the day and night.  It is heavily paroled and the bad guys know to show no colors and behave or else.

    Please take care of yourself and your family and take a look at the items on my site.

  • Terror by Remote Control from Syria

    Terror by Remote Control from Syria

    terror by internet

    I was just reading a news report that talked about terror being trained and supported by remote control.  What they mean or discussed is that terrorists from ISIS are using the Internet to contact, train and control people that they discover are willing to carry out attacks.  They somehow prowl the internet picking up the people who indicate they are of the violent persuasion or who are then trained to be violent.

    These ISIS plotters are not ever identified and cannot be described because all of their contacts are through the internet.  They are never seen or heard or met in person.  They arrange for guns to be hidden in areas and then direct the new recruits to that spot and obtain the guns and explosive materials.  They train completely by the internet so no recruit is required to fly to a training base.

    A plot of this type was unearthed and stopped in India a few months back.  That is one of the countries with very stick gun controls but ISIS was able to get guns and explosive components into India.  The first recruit had recruited about eight men and these were all being trained by the internet contact with ISIS.  After finding out that this cell existed and arresting it other countries started looking for internet connections to some of their past attacks that were thought to be carried out in isolation.  Several have found to be connected to ISIS through the internet just as the India group was.  Several were not isolated events as was first thought.

    The fact of connection through the internet to ISIS, shows a greater degree of control and support for terror than any of us thought and is making the average person even more worried about who lives next door.

    We need to be more alert than ever to what people are telling us when we hear something a bit off the normal for friends or associates at work.  If anyone can be trained through the internet to be a terrorist then we have to consider that there are thousands of potential recruits in any large city.

    Be vigilant and keep an eye on the people around you so you do not become a victim of one of these home grown terrorists.  Listen when people talk to you and if you discover something that might possibly be a terrorist plot turn the information in.  Someone stopped the group in India.  Everyone needs to be ready to stop anyone in the United States if they become aware of a plot.

    terror by internet2

    The authorities discovered the attack in Garland, Texas was just such a trained terrorist who was home grown.  Originally this person or group was thought to be home grown but now they know that is not the case and thus a direct connection to ISIS has been found.

    I really do not know what makes a normal person go so bad and become a terrorist.  I would hope that most would be stopped by a good citizen overhearing something and reporting it.  But obviously not every plotter is going to be arrested before the act.  And often after the act they have killed themselves along with many others.

    It is sad.  Protect yourself and your family as best you can.

  • Do You Like Fine Wine? Delivered Right to You?

    Do You Like Fine Wine? Delivered Right to You?

    With all that is going on in the news about appointees and proclamations signed and what Trump has said, it might do us all a little good to sit back and relax of an evening with a glass of fine wine.  I have a website that offers fine wine delivered to your door from elite vineyards around the world.

    fine wine

    So besides protecting one's self and one's family and friends we need to take a deep breath and allow some of the tension of the moment to leave us.  Relax with a nice fine wine and do not think about the last few months for just a few minutes or couple of hours.  People are not made to constantly stay on edge all the time.  I know there is a lot to talk about and we each have hopes for the future but we need to, once in a while, let it go and save our minds for just a moment in time.

    Freedom is a heady thing and we may often take it for something which is always ours.  But that is the most precious thing we posses in this country.  We have just had our day to express our desires by voting.  Voting gives us our freedoms.  We have expressed our will and now we need to live with what the population of the country decided.  The Country decided.  Now we need to make the next four years work.

    So relax.  Have a long lingering moment and a good glass of wine and put a new face on things for yourself.  Lean to live with reality not how you wished things were.  DeNeigh   reality long enough and they say you are crazy and stick you away.  That is not what we need.

    We need everyone pulling together for a better world for all of us.  We need to defend our right to be different and disagree.  But in the end we need to pull together. That is America and you know you would not rather be anywhere else. Right!

    Protection is our business

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