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Classic Heritage Pocket Cutlery Now Available

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Quick Overview

The Classic Heritage Pocket Cutlery set features a 3 prong fork, knife, and bottle opener in one compact and durable tool.

The construction is durable stainless steel cutlery and a wooden handle.

The Cutlery set has a 2" handy, all-purpose blade with a twist lock for added safety during use.

Dimensions 3" x 5/8"

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How is Heritage Pocket Cutlery Set Designed?

This classic cutlery set has a wooden handle and the tools available are a fork and a knife. Both the tools are stainless and lock into place during use. This is a great feature for the cutlery set to have. Dropping a fork or knife into hot food could cause the user to get burned. A bottle opener accompanies the set and hangs on a separate ring.

How long has Heritage Cutlery been in business?

Heritage Cutlery started in 1952 under the name Expert Cutlery. It became Heritage Cutlery in 1978 and in 2007 was purchased by Klein Cutlery which is part of Klein Tools.

What is the history of the knife as an eating tool?

Knives were weapons before they were used to eat with. They were also used to butcher game for food so that gave way to using them to eat with. At this point spoons were the only real eating utensil.  Spoons were also used for preparation of food and this is often soup.  The same knife that was used to butcher the game was used to eat the cooked meat. These knives had pointed ends so one could stab the piece of meat one wanted to eat. Knives were domesticated for table use during the Bourbon Dynasty in France. Since the first table knives had pointed ends the often drunk eater could stab himself in the mouth trying to consume his food.

During the Middle Ages knives became more popular at the table as just eating tools and in 1669 the knives started being made with blunt ends to prevent self-mutilation. And even today table knives have blunt tips.

What is the drawback of this type of cutlery set?

I would say that you really need two of these sets on your backpacking trip because I would want to have one with the knife blade out and one with the fork out. That way I could use both tools at the same time just like I would at the table. Of course, if you are not cutting meat and only preparing freeze dried meals you could get by with only one set and use the fork.  Definitely think about buying two so you have what you need when you need it.

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