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About Us


For years I have been interested in personal protection and am a gun owner.  I support the second amendment and have now found a business that can help people protect themselves even if they are not interested in guns.

Many of the products in this website are very easy to use.  They are light weight and carry easily in a purse or briefcase.  I am particularly interested in keeping as many people safe as is possible.  Older people and women are especially vulnerable.  I would hope you would pass arount the link to this website to people you think would benefit from having these products.  Another approach is to buy them as gifts for someone you feel needs personal protection products.

 I am femaile and have never, to date, been in a dangerous situation.  However, I know people who have been and I felt very helpless when learning their stories.  I wished I had been there to help stop the incident before it occurred.  This is one of the reasons I started this business and want to help you protect yourself, your loved ones and friends.

One thing that has probably helped me avoid situations that could be dangerous is that I am first born and have an aggressive attitude or one could say a confident attitude when I walk around areas such as malls, sidewalks, or parking lots.  A confident attitude can make criminals think twice about messing with you and choose someone who looks less confident and less alert to their surroundings.  Just being alert can help you see things before they happen.

One friend that I happen to know the story of, was escorting his wife back to the car after a dinne  The car was parked in an underground parking garage and there were not many people in the garage at the time.  The man saw that there were some young men on the driver's side of the car acting like they were getting into the passenger door of the car next to his car.  Not wanting to take any chances this friend told his wife he was going to unlock her door and hand her the keys and she should slide to the driver's side and start the car right awasy as he sat down in the passenger's seat.  Then she was to back out quickly and drive out of the garage.  The wife was startled at first, but then saw what the concern was and did as her husband suggested.  The young men were waiting to mug and rob them.  They reacted to not being able to do so and hit the car as it was backed out of the parking space.  But they could not get into the car and could not accost or rob the couple because of the quick thinking of the husband and his being alert to the possible situation.

This case did not require anything except being alert and thinking quickly on your feet.  However, many cases do need some form of personal protection to aid you in fending off a robber or mugger.  Please consider the products on this website and protect your family and friends.

Thanks for your time and interest, Mary